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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  August 11, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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here in this neighborhood about possible clues on his relationship with robin gardner. that's a relationship that appears to be blossoming about the same time that he was caught up in all sorts of legal troubles from women accusing him from stalking to secretly video taping him. >> she is intimidated by him. >> reporter: family law attorney gail landdown represents one woman who swore out a peace order against him in 2010. >> and he video taped intimate acts without her knowledge, he threatened to post them to everybody that she knew on facebook. he put photos that were embarrassing to her in her neighbor's mailboxes. >> reporter: in the meantime, he was arrested on april 28, 2010, after one woman accused him of strangling her during sex.
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and encountered the investors said was on video tape. another alleged victim claims he secretly video taped her. prosecutors dropped both cases when victims declined to go forward. meanwhile, he was moving on to meet robin gardner, whose roommate in frederick talked to the cbs show today. >> i was not excited with her going away. >> he could get very physically aggressive. >> reporter: back in gaithersburg, another alleged victim told me that she dated him briefly last year, and was also terrified by his behavior, but did not go to police. >> i'm just really scared. i mean, that could have been me. >> my client thinks that she is a part of the pattern. >> reporter: in the meantime, they are reconsidering the possibility of moving forward with a criminal case against him if he returns from aruba. >> and it has gone from being embarrassing to being dangerous. >> reporter: meanwhile in a
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written statement, the lawyer said the following today, "all allegations of secret video taping and assault were resolved in his favor. they added that the allegations of the nonconsensual physical touching was also resolved in his favor, placing the complaining person's credibility in serious question." reporting live here ingaithersburg, scott broom. in the meantime, aruba is turning to the fbi for help to investigate this whole matter. the spokesperson says that the fbi is conducting interviews, giving other assistance. but they believe that if gardner drowned in that area, her body would have surfaced by now. our team coverage continues with martin savage in aruba tonight. >> reporter: lesli, i'm standing on baby beach at the southwestern tip of aruba, it is a popular public beach. you can see it, it is absolutely gorgeous. one of the many beaches that people love to come to aruba for.
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but it is here on august 2 that according to this guy, the couple was snorkeling late in the afternoon, they became separated somehow, he made it ashore, but robin gardner did not. and they called authorities with the 911 call and a search was begun. they had two helicopters in the air. they had boats on the water, eventually getting people working along the shoreline. they continued that way for several days. unfortunately, no trace of robin gardner. in the meantime, they continue to question gary and apparently they feel like there are discrepancies in how they have obtained him. he was attempting to go back to the united states and his attorney said that he is completely innocent, he has cooperated, and there was nothing more for him to do. they are going through a number of computers to see if there are any indications as to what might have happened to robyn.
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one of the real problems they had is that there were no witnesses that actually saw them here that day snorkeling. of course, this is aruba where natalee holloway disappeared. you have two women that have vanished in what is by many accounts, paradise, lesli? >> all right, thank you so much, martin. well, robyn gardner's mom released a statement this morning on matter of law of the family that reads in part, "we are hoping for the very best outcome with the help of the international community that we will reach a favorable outcome. we are confident and very grateful to the aruba authority and the volunteers who are working above and beyond all of our expectations. i hope you understand that we are being quiet as to not jeopardize the investigation." coming up tonight at 6:00, an emerging portrait of gardner's traveling companion, gary
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giordano. and he spoke to andrea mckaren about violence and abuse along with his criminal history. well tonight a northern virginia daycare operator is under arrest after a 1 and a 3- year-old she was caring for were allegedly found wandering around in the streets. she runs a daycare center out of her house in virginia and on tuesday, police say a passer-by spotted the kids walking the streets. well, that person called the authorities and the children are fine. investigators say that she told officers she didn't know that they had wondered off. they believe the kids were gone for about an hour. the names of the 30 u.s. service members killed last week in afghanistan have now been made public. the service members were killed when their helicopter was shot down. witnesses say that the chopper burst into flames before hitting the ground. leaving wreckage scattered on both sides of the river. among the dead were 17 seals.
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one of the victims came from york, pennsylvania. we have put the complete list on our website at and some new housing for the country's wounding warriors opened up today at the national maple medical center in bethesda called the wounded warrior barracks and wounded support complex. the facility was built to comply with the base closure and the realignment project, otherwise known as brass. as part of the staff and clinical functions at walter reed army medical center are being moved to bethesda. and now all those folks that are moving to what will be the walter reed national military medical center in bethesda, it is a mouthful as a lot of neighbors and workers, they were pretty freaked out about the traffic. >> yeah, you can imagine. connecticut avenue, cedar lane, they are all dammed here at rush -- they are all hit here
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by the rush hour. >> reporter: yes, i have a bit of an invested interest here. maybe they will be providing us an excuse to being late to work. the gate is right here. they are asking us not to show it on tv for security reasons. but you can see the back up now. traffic is always bad here, but you know it is particularly bad and it is going all the way back here into bethesda and this gate and where people are coming in and out, it is probably contributing to it. and that is the question, you know, really whether or not they have done enough road improvements around here, to prevent total gridlock when the move is finished in the fall. >> yes, it will be kind of crazy from right here. >> reporter: something that you fear, but so far little reality. summer vacations and a slow relocation of staffers from walter reed northwest, mean the traffic has yet to really hit. >> we need hovercrafts. [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> helicopters, you know, we
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need to be able to have flying cars, something out of the movies. because it will be bad. >> reporter: another 2,500 workers and about half a million visitors every year will need to roll through the newly widened security gates on to the new medical campus in the midst of suburban highways that are already among the most jammed in the region. >> it's been kind of bad. >> really? >> especially in the morning, sometimes the line is way up that hill out there. >> reporter: a new line helps, but it could be years before a tunnel goes in under route 355. hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funds may go to the tunnel, new turn lanes, better intersections, but very little of it is finished and time is running out. >> i'm not panicking. >> reporter: he's the citizens association president. he's concerned, but not panicking. one thing really, the juice of the maryland congressional delegation. the montgomery county congressman is the ranking
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member on the house budget committee, he and the senators were able to get $300 million signed for these military hospitals. and that will help make things easier. back to you. >> all right, your best wishes. >> all right. we now know the victims of the crash that killed three people in northern virginia. and it happened last night near back lake and fullerton roads in the newington area. and investigators say that the man in the pickup crossed over the median, slamming into a jeep. and then, you know, sideswiped an olds mobile. the pick-up driver is at jail city and their unidentified passenger warkill -- passenger were killed. now to an averted tragedy out of montgomery county, where a near drowning at the germantown pool today almost cost the life of the little 4- year-old girl.
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now, this accident happened just a few hours ago inside the manchester farms community pool on hopkins road. and that is what they just finished talking to the hero of this story. >> reporter: i've got to tell you, derek, we got here and we learned that there are two heros in this story. the one that we spoke to, they said that, you know, the 4-year- old was just seconds from death. a very scary situation for everyone involved here. no one knew that anything was wrong, you know, get this, until that life guard jumped in to rescue the little girl. and we are also told that the 4- year-old was in the kidty pool with friends who were apparently trying to float face down, but when that victim didn't get up immediately, you know, that's when the life guard jumped in and her colleagues took over from there. >> at first she had no breath, you know, she was foaming at the mouth, which is usually not a good sign. and again, because she was a passive victim, she was
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unconscious. we tilted her head back, which you know, allows us to start opening up the airways. after i tilted her head back, she started breathing on her own. >> i feel a little scared about it. you know, just how close she was to death. and it was very scary, very eye opening for all of them. >> well, you know, okay, thank you. yeah. >> reporter: some pretty frightening moments here at the pool. we just spoke to them a couple seconds ago. and he says certainly like you heard, it was an eye-opening experience for all of them. the question that many people have, where were the parents? unfortunately, you know, this little girl's parents were not here. she was a guest of a member. and that member had her own kids at the pool. and she was not inside at the time. a reminder for parents, you know, be inside the pool when you have young children. this girl, almost died in two and a half feet of water. derek? >> yeah, you've got to keep an eye on those kids everybody minute in the water. yeah. thank you. we appreciate it. okay, so now should
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students and teachers be friends on facebook? one state now says no and it is against the law. we'll talk about the controversy. i'm meteorologist topper shutt. a little preview, september. we'll show you temperatures. everybody is in the low to mid- 80s, maybe 90s in manassas. 88 downtown and gaithersburg. we'll tell you how long it will last looking ahead for the forecast and the redskins game and the weekend. and the siblings that lead authorities on the nationwide man hunt face a judge.
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they appeared via video hookup because that's where their week-long flight ended on wednesday when the cops caught up with them. the trio was arrested following a shootout, a 20-mile police chase and then a crash.
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>> you're still focusing in on the other things that it does not seep into your mind too much that, you know, these guys are really trying to kill me. >> and police say that they shot lee dougerty in the leg after pointing a machine gun at them. among other things, it bans educators from having private online communication with students using the social media like facebook. >> reporter: elliott is liking his summer. >> facebook is a great thing. >> reporter: the 14-year-old was recently allowed to join his friends on the social network. after just two weeks, he had more than 400 of them. none of whom are his teachers. a missouri law will soon make
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it illegal for educators like teachers to have private conversations with students on facebook and other social media platforms. >> click on her name there. >> okay. >> that's a big problem for the science teacher who believes that communicating online with kids today is essential to their learning. >> you're doing that already? >> yes. >> this is no different from me sending an e-mail to students, which i have been doing for many years. >> reporter: he feels like the law unfairly tags teachers as potential predators. but the state senator, james cunningham who sponsored the bill say that it will reduce the threat of sexual misconduct. >> if predators are inside our classrooms, we need to deal with that. >> reporter: and doesn't altogether ban the social media relationships. >> we only prohibit hidden communication between an educator and a student. >> reporter: concerns about free speech, they want to befriend the legislation and
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they may file an injunction. >> now what they are doing is preverbally picking up a large amount of protective speech on an effort to stop a small amount of dangerous speech. >> reporter: facebook is following the debate closely and released this statement to cbs news. "it is imperative that this law does not limit schools and teacher's ability to use technology to educate missouri'sstudents." elliott's dad understands the online dangers that kids face, but worries this law could delete an opportunity for the facebook generation to connect with their teachers. so he is a part of the 72% of parents facebook says monitor their kids pages. >> i can monitor his chats and those things that are private at any time. and parents have responsibility. >> reporter: karen brown, cbs news, st. louis. >> at least one attorney says
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that this new law is well meaning, but misguided. and the founder of wired safety suggested that officials, they ought to set up policies, not laws to help kids stay safe. and prince george's county police say that they have a person of interest in connection to the killings of the mother and the son in fort washington. they need your help to find this person, the 34-year-old mercer who is related to both victims. they were shot to death last week on hickory drive. police say that mercer is also wanted on unrelated outstanding assault warrants in north carolina. and dc police are on the lookout for a person behind an armed carjacking, which happened just before 8:00. in the 500 block of shepherd's street northwest, they drove off in the mercedes s-550 with dc tags last seen on new hampshire avenue. well ocean city life guards
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have a brand new way to help save some lives. it is a helicopter. about a dozen senior life guards are being trained as to how to execute rescues from the maryland state chopper. the beach patrol says it's the quickest way to rescue a swimmer and get them to the medical attention they need. and the maryland state helicopter based in salisbury will be moved over the weekend. >> topper is over there flashing his mobile card. >> oh, i wish it were mine. i cannot spend this. i can't spend it. >> no, but you can help somebody else spend it. go to our facebook page and we'll tell you how to win, we're giving away 10 of them worth $50. >> yes. five gallons of gas. [ laughter ] >> a whole tank of gas. that's a whole tank of gas. >> that will get you to the redskins game on friday? >> yes, it looks pretty nice. are you ready for the forecast? you might want to go down to woodbridge to see a guy pitch. >> oh, come on. >> pretty much the same forecast. upper 70s to the mid-80s.
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quite comfortable. and just about perfect really, considering how hot it has been. 88 right now, 88 in manassas, 88 in fredericksburg. the low 80s in gaithersburg, not quite sure as to why this is a large discrepancy between fredericks and gaithersburg. they run hot. 88 in fredericks and leesburg. we can factor in the humidity and things won't change at all. now, you have no hope really because the humidity levels are in the upper 20s in terms of the percentage. here is the deal, picture perfect, even cooler tonight. at least some glasses here on friday, that will still be nice. it will be great, yes, for the redskins game. and for tonight, clear skies, a bit cooler over the windows. 58 to 68 with light winds. now, we have not been in the upper 50s, at least the burbs haven't. and even downtown we're talking about 60s, that's great. 68 in arlington, 68 in springfield, 68 in rockville, 59 in gaithersburg. 62 at bowie. the mid-60s for waldorf.
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low 60s for reston and fairfax and sterling, but 58 for leesburg and 59 for manassas. it is pretty sweet. mostly sunny, a bit cool early. temperatures in the 60s and the 70s, the light wind. air quality goes up just a little bit to code yellow. that's moderate air quality. and by the afternoon, partly cloudy, beautiful again. not humid. the high temperatures are around 85 with light winds. and now the next seven days. a little more unsettled to go over the weekend. you know, maybe a shower or a thunderstorm late on saturday, but a much belter chance of scatter -- better chance of scattered storms on sunday and monday. and now the mid-80s, both sunday and monday. you'll get a break on tuesday and wednesday and then thursday, you know, we're getting near the 90s. and that is not a washout for you, but it is thursday. you can tilt your head and take a look at the picture, but you know here is the deal. and when i went out to pick up my first tomato from the garden it was gone. after looking around, i see the thief enjoying the fruit and he got it. becky ferguson, nice job, nice
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picture. it really does help you to turn your head a little bit. >> a squirrel making a bold move. >> yes, speaking of moves, go to our website on, click on the weather tab, submit a picture and please include your name, location, and description. >> that was a good one. >> yes. all right, well up next, police raid houses all across london and the british parliament needs to discuss how to fight those gangs now being blamed for the ongoing riot. stay with us.
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sky 9 captured the scene over a small explosion inside the sterling virginia apartment building this morning. this happened on the terrace around 8:30. 21 tenants had to be evacuated. the fire was confined to a third-floor apartment, and no one heard it. it was all an accident that they say is a hot water heater that shifted and caused the blast. well, new surveillance video has now surfaced that could be crucial to the case of the baltimore police officer
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who was shot to death by his fellowofficers. the officer was in plain sight when he spotted to trouble outside the select lounge last january. he was killed when the uniform officers fired on him, not realizing that he was one of them. and the video shows a man swinging a punch in a crowded parking lot outside the lounge. it also shows people falling to the ground. and as those shots were fired. the search to find and punish rioters continue to go on in london. police are going door to door. 1,000 suspects have been taken into custodies and sacks of stolen merchandise has been confiscated. britain's prime minister is blaming gangs. and they said that london could learn something from the u.s. >> that is disgusting as to how we can go further with gangs. if they don't stop it, it could
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go further. >> they remained relatively calm today. 16,000 officers are keeping a watch over the capitol for at least one more night. the prime minister says he may call in the army if there is any repeat of the violence. welcoming up next, new at 5:30. >> i'm kristin fisher where i have been talking to parents about a group that is criticizing michelle obama's less move initiative. the initiative is suppose to help childhood obesity, but critics say it's doing more harm than good. we'll hear from both sides coming up.
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who are these people and what do they want? >> this group is going after michelle obama's let's move initiative. the initiative's goal is to solve the problem of childhood obesity within one generation. but they are saying that the first lady's initiative is turning obese children into targets for bullies. >> when children of higher body
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weight here, we need to wipe out childhood obesity in one generation. for them, those words translate to we have to eliminate obese children. >> reporter: peggy howell is with the national association to advance acceptives. the the group held a press conference in which they aired this video. its goal is to fight size discrimination, make sure that overweight children are accepted in society. but the first lady's let's move initiative is not about acceptance, but change, and reversing the rising obesity rate. >> that move will be taking families out of their isolations and to give them the nationwide support that they need. and they will get their kids on track to live healthier lives. >> reporter: they call the initiative well intended, but misdirected. >> how this translates in real life is that these children, you know, they experience more
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ridicule, more teasing, more bullying, and the perpetrators feel justified in their actions because afterall, the first lady said that these kids have to go. >> reporter: the first lady's press box did not return our request for a comment, but a small sampling of parents at this playground sided with michelle obama. >> i think the initiative is really to get us as a society to eat better and to exercise. i think it is a good idea. i think that she is doing a wonderful thing. >> reporter: well, they are now taking the fight to capitol hill. they are asking lawmakers to include overweight kids in the safe schools improvement act. they are addressing the characteristics that could make a child a target of bullying. things like race, religion, and sexual orientation are already on that list. now, nasa wants to get obesity, childhood obesity in particular added to that list. >> and you really need to become the law of land, no teasing. >> well, they wanted to be at least recognized that the characteristic leads to bullying in schools. >> all right, fair enough.
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thank you, i appreciate that. lesli, back to you. >> all right, if you've got $1,000 to spare for an unplanned expense, consider yourself lucky. according to a new survey by the national foundation for credit counseling, most americans do not. 64% say that they would need to borrow the money or use a credit card to protect them against the unknown. to help find hidden money in your budget, go to their website. it is americans have been tightening their belts for years in this difficult economy. and in this economic ride, it's even bumpier. you're now trapping on your seat belt. they are reporting on what people are doing to buckle down and cut back. >> reporter: for a snapshot at how americans are coping in a poor economy, all it takes is a peek under the hood. >> the customer doesn't want to repair it. >> reporter: since last year, joe tessa, the service manager says that business has declined
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about 15%. >> are people saying this to you? i don't have the money for that, i can't pay for it right now? >> yes, absolutely, they are very candid about that. they say during the hard economic times they cannot afford it. >> if it ain't completely broke, don't fix it. that might be the new national trend. in a survey, aaa found that one out of four people neglected repairs. folks are cutting back on just about everything. it's all about the deals now iowadays. >> i watch very carefully how i spend my mine. >> reporter: some are looking for cheaper cell phone service or dumping the cable channels. >> that is one that is very well known or they are taking netflix subscriptions, so they are getting their movies that way. >> reporter: the commerce department reports that in june, consumer spending dropped
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.2%. the first downturn in nearly two years. >> every time i think i found a new low, another one is right around the corner. >> now, he says after 14 years in business, he is trying to stay positive, but finds it pretty hard during the economic times. >> you won't be saving much time, you're right. we're going to take you live right now on the outer loop of the beltway, just after the avenue here. and they are on the scene. we'll take you back over here in the long standing accident that has just cleared up on the
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eastbound side right now at connecticut avenue, but do expect the residual delays. now they are taking you live over here on i-95 in virginia. you've got one wrong continuous delay, one hour and 50 minutes. if you are leaving this place, trying to get down to route 17 in stafford county with the lanes open. we also have a commuter alert right now for the beltway drivers in virginia. be careful this weekend due to construction on the hot lane projects. the work starts tomorrow night at 9:30. now initially, one southbound lane will be closed, but by 11:00 p.m., all southbound lanes will be closed. all lanes are scheduled to reopen by 8:00 a.m. the next day. and now information about traffic delays and the lane closings in maryland is now just a phone call away. the drivers can dial 511 to get all kinds of traffic news. you can also get information about delays at the airport. here is a sampling of what you'll hear.
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>> and as of 11:39 a.m., there's a slowdown on interstate 270, northbound and north bethesda between interstate 271 to interstate 495 south and exit 4. traffic is moving between 20 to 25 miles per hour. >> at first most of the information will be dealing with only state highways, but later on, the county road information will also be included. derek, back to you. >> thank you very much. up next, what is being called the world's hottest peppers: and how they are being grown right here in our neighborhood. we'll hear from the chef who planted them and see if you like to have a taste. >> yeah, too bad we don't have any right now, derek. don't forget, we are always on stay with us. we'll be right back.
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caught on tape, an accident that left a woman buried underneath garlic and onions. they show a truck overturning on a busy street in china. about 20 tons of garlic and onion spilled out of the truck. rescuers were able to pull the woman out from underneath all the debris, walking away with just a few bruises. police say that the driver of the truck fled the scene. and a bull sort of fled as well downtown auburn washington too. it ran free for about four miles from the east to the west side of town. and can you imagine the calls they got from that? >> look at that. >> auburn police had little experience catching the raging bull, so they called in some cowboys. >> we had wildlife in the city before, but i don't remember, you know, a bull being downtown. you're right, we were concerned for the bull and the citizens and their safety. >> not spain. they don't do the running of the bulls. >> no, they don't. >> they are now bullish.
5:41 pm
>> yes, seriously. i mean, using squad cars as their horses. the cowboys were eventually able to lasso the bull. it was okay and nobody else was hurt. a crossing sign in front of one organic garden in northern virginia, that sign is there because the garden is now home to half a dozen of the world's hottest peppers. they include the frightening ghost chili, considered to be the hottest in the world. the executive chef of the new restaurant at tyson's corner is the man behind the garden. >> the ghost pepper was on record as being the hottest pepper in the world. again, peppers, they vary in different degrees of heat. you could have one pepper that is a million, you could have another one that is 800,000. i mean, they will vary a little bit. but one million was the highest rated unit of pepper there that is out on the market. >> one million?
5:42 pm
i tend to like food that comes in at about a two. [ laughter ] by the way, he is the only chef to touch the peppers. apparently they are dangerous. >> yes. coming up on 9news now, an army soldier surprises his wife not with a diamond, but on the diamond. he's been through jail time and a season-long suspension, how one current redskin is looking to get back on the field to keep the past in the past. i'm dave owens, i'll have that story. pretty nice day really for practice. now, we'll show you the pollen. didn't get a break in the pollen. grass in the medium range. the weeds went all the way up to the high range. we'll come back and talk about your forecast and the redskins pre-season game tomorrow and a look ahead to the weekend. but first, what if you could know the weather a year from now? what would you do? form a wedding, vacation? we'll test the website that predicts your forecast way beyond that old seven-day forecast. we'll talk about it coming up
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back at the police academy, they never mentioned anything like this. and the officers pulled a naked man from that storm drain in knoxville, tennessee. he admitted that he broke into a gift shop earlier in the day, but he did not steal anything because he was naked, and well you don't have any pockets. floyd was charged with indecent exposure and he was also undergoing mental evaluations. i wonder why. well, she is a prostitute, not a thief. that's the argument from the lawyer representing the woman accused of breaking into the hotel room. according to the attorney, the 56-year-old was in the san francisco hotel to meet a john. the jeopardy host says that he tore his heels chasing her out of his room. after new york city where aretha franklin reportedly sang her way out of a parking ticket after leaving a restaurant on
5:47 pm
monday night. the new york post said that her illegal parked car was about to be ticketed, so she did what any reasonable diva would do, she began to sing. the queen of soul gave her an autograph instead. you know what, i would have done the same thing. >> yes, some r-e-s-p-e-c-t. you better hurry if you want to tour this. they announced they will be closing lady liberty for renovations. and the monument will close after october 28, the celebration during that time of the 125th anniversary of the statue's dedication. an estimated 3.5 million people visit liberty island every year. it was the perfect pitch. an army wife throwing out the first pitch at the minor league baseball game and what a surprise. the man behind the plate was her husband. the couple have been separated for nine months while being stationed in afghanistan. and the baseball team in pearl,
5:48 pm
mississippi helped the soldier and his daughters set up the surprised reunion. the family will be together for the next ten weeks until the sergeant army has to go back to afghanistan. >> that's great. all right, millions of brides and grooms all over the world, agonized for months about the one important question involving their wedding. is it going to rain? well you know it might. >> or what about thunderstorms on your vacation? and how happy would you be if you could look at a full year and know what the forecast is going to be? bruce leshan reports you just might be able to. >> reporter: oh how miserable and unpredicted downpours could be. >> where is your boat? >> reporter: he may just save you. >> here is a five day, seven- day forecast, so this is a 30- day view. >> reporter: type any city or zip code into his weather trend's 360 website and he will give you a forecast out nearly
5:49 pm
a year. sun or rain, hot or cold. >> and i wanted a warm, dry vacation, this might be the period to do it in, verses a stormy period that might be in here or out here. >> reporter: and he is holding climate scientists and mathematicians and weather historians. >> we have done a statistical map base approach. >> reporter: to develop this audited at about 80% accuracy. >> so it is possible with steve martin that i could go ahead and record the weather to see what it is like next week? >> yeah, you know, we have no intentions. you're too good, we cannot do that. >> you said april of this year will be dry? >> yes, a good week. you are right, it was dry. >> yes. they offer a daily forecast, but kirk says that it is much better to look at the trend for the week. >> i was going to go on vacation in virginia beach right in here. >> not good. >> we moved it back to here. and so this is a good move. >> yes, a very good move. this is your test. and if it is raining on my vacation, i'm going to be mad.
5:50 pm
>> i'll let you know how it turns out. >> well you know where i live. >> reporter: bruce leshan, 9news now. >> so bruce says he is not going to have to hunt down bill kirk from weather trends. his vacation was perfect, just as predicted. and so topper, you know we've got questions. >> it did not rain on his vacation, it rained at night. if he had gone at his original week, it would have been cooler. >> so it won't be replacing you? >> i hope not. you know, first of all, he did not give that up. he won't tell us how he did it. i think it is mainly by climate info. but i cannot predict anything extreme. >> right. >> but he could tell you in generally, you know, what is likely to be the case? >> yes, next july 4, 90, partly cloudy, maybe a thunderstorm. good night everybody. [ laughter ] right now, temperatures, they are very comfortable. upper 80s, the mid-80s, but low humidity. this is just a treat really. 84 in arlington, 82 in bethesda. 86 in rockville, 88 downtown,
5:51 pm
and 84 down to the south near springfield. picture perfect. even cooler tonight than it was last night. and you'll need your sunglasses tomorrow and friday will still be nice. maybe a few more clouds. and great for the redskins game. for tonight then, clear skies, a bit cooler open up the windows. 58 to 68. the burbs have not been in the 50s since early july. light winds. even downtown we're talking about 60s which is a treat. 68 in arlington and springfield. but go up 270, you're at 59 in gaithersburg, 62 at bowie. even down here in waldorf, the low 6 -- low 60s. tomorrow morning, mostly sunny, a little cool early. temperatures in the 60s and the 70s. by the afternoon, another great day. partly cloudy, beautiful again, not humid. high temperatures are around 85. all right, your next seven days. thunderstorms are possible on saturday, not a huge deal, 87. much better chance though of showers and thunderstorms on sunday.
5:52 pm
these are not just confined to the afternoon or evening hours. mid-80s. get a pretty good break as we get into tuesday, wednesday, and a sprinkle by next thursday. but notice there are some 8990s out there. >> that's pretty good. >> you are the man, sir. >> thank you, sir. in just over 24 hours, the redskins kick off their pre- season game against the pittsburgh steelers. >> a return to the field means a little more to the burgundy and gold. brett is here with his store. brett? >> reporter: the nfl as you know is riddled with men who have made mistakes and given second chances. while the memories of most transgressions fade overtime, one will not. the newly signed redskins receiver killed a man while driving drunk two years ago. a fact that he and that man's family will be living with that forever. the question now is what will stallworth do with his life from here? here is dave owens. >> reporter: typically when you see him, he is mentoring. why not? somebody did it for him.
5:53 pm
>> i had joe horn and others, i had all these guys teaching me the way. >> reporter: before he arrived via free agency, donte stallworth was imposing his footprint or hand print on washington's young receivers, working out in the off-season with anthony armstrong. >> a lot of insight just from a touch on route and whatnot. just ways for him to get better. >> reporter: and by now you're probably saying to yourself, isn't he that guy? yes. stallworth plead guilty to dui manslaughter after he struck and killed mario reyes in the early morning hours of march 2009. >> it is something that will be carried with me for the rest of my life. >> reporter: but one incident doesn't define a man. that's what stallworth tells people. what does define him is the way that he responds to. he agreed to a roadside breathalyzer. >> the way that my mom brought me up, she always made us take responsibilities for all our
5:54 pm
actions. >> reporter: it meant 24 days in jail, his punishment mitigated that he warned reyes who was not at the crosswalk at the time and stallworth's speed was not considered overly excessive. after a year-long suspension by the league, it's back to football. but can he make the team in six years? time will tell. his current teammates are just glad to have a guy who has been at the bottom and shown that he can bounce back. >> you know, he's moving forward so i'm moving forward with him. >> reporter: dave owens, 9sports now. >> stallworth is listed on a third string of the redskins depth chart. many believe that he will be starting. he had 70 receptions and seven touchdowns in 2005 with the saints, lesli? >> all right, brett, thank you. and up next, the local hospital is taking steps to make sure that all the items used in surgery don't get left behind after a patient is finished with surgery.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
tonight's health alert is all about preventing surgical mistakes. those who scrub in take many steps to make sure that everything that goes into patient's body from -- everything that goes into a patient's body is removed. >> it looks exactly like tissue. >> reporter: and that means
5:58 pm
that a surgicalling sponge could be missed. >> we don't normally have a whole lot, but you know one is too much. >> reporter: so prince george's hospital center has added an extra safety measure. the rf surgical detection center to all their o.r.'s. a small pill-sized radiofrequency tag is placed in all sponges. after surgery, doctors wave a bond over the patient and -- doctors wave a wand over the patient's body and if the sounds goes off, then you know about it. >> if we are missing one or two, sometimes the missing item might not be in the body, it might be in the trash. and so you know this new technology by scanning the trash, we can determine, you know, if the sponge is in the trash or if it is in the patient's body. >> reporter: this offers an extra peace of mind, which involves counting all surgical items before and after the procedure. and the hospital officials say that the detection systems
5:59 pm
could also help lower overall medical costs. >> in the end, you know, this is a good thing for the patient because now they don't have to worry about coming back and this is very costly for the hospital because once you get into the legal aspect. >> reporter: and the sponges are just the first phase. the company that makes the surgical detection system is now working on embedding the technology into surgical instruments. i'm anita brikman, 9news now. >> wow, thanks, anita. >> well thanks for joining us for 9news now at 5:00. 9news now at 6:00 starts right now. and that is the sound of hope. stocks are closing higher today despite worries about the state of financing in europe. here's a look at the closing numbers for you. the dow is up more than 450 points. we've got more from wall street for you. >> reporter: th


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